King Nathaniel is the king of Aliren. He is the son of the late King David and Eliza.

Background: Before Nathaniel was born his mother Eliza was a maid of the royal household, she served the king David and his wife Queen Lillian. When Queen Lillian couldn't have any children she and the king had a fall out. King David and Eliza fell in love. But they couldn't get married since he was already married to Lillian so they kept their relationship a secret and got married in secret. When Eliza became pregnant with their son Queen Lillian put out a order to kill Eliza and her child. For the safety of Eliza and her child Eliza was sent away, everyone was told including the queen that she died of a sickness and they had to burn the body to stop the sickness from spreading.

Eliza went to go live in a small village, she met a man named Roger, they fell for each other. When Eliza gave birth to her son she named him Nathaniel, her and Roger raised him together.

Seventeen years later when King David and Queen Lillian were killed the king's old friend Mason set out to find the only son of King David. He finally found Seventeen year old Nathaniel in a small village with his mother and step-father. Then Nathaniel found out the truth about who is his father really is and that he was the king of Aliren. After talking to his friend Lydia Nathaniel went to Aliren to became king.

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