Juliet is the daughter of Tristan and Freya. She is the god daughter of Queen Lydia.

Background: When her parents were together her mother became pregnant with her. Her father Tristan was told to marry a noble woman. Before Tristan knew about the child Tristan's father Percy Hillington found out and threatened Freya to either get rid of it or keep it from Tristan.

Not wanting to lose her child Freya decided to keep it from Tristan. Tristan ended up marrying the noble woman.

Freya had a baby girl, she named her Juliet. After her daughter was born she made Queen Lydia her godmother and left Aliren with her.

Three years later Freya was in a village with her daughter Juliet. Juliet looked like her father with big blue eyes. Juliet was smart for her age and could speak. When Juliet became ill Freya didn't know how to treat it, so she had no choice return to Aliren. Then she was reunited with her friends and Tristan.

Tristan met Juliet for the first time. When the court physician was able to cure Juliet, Tristan grew attract to Juliet and started spending time with her. Everyone talked and said that Juliet looked like Tristan a little. Tristan's noble wife overheard Freya and Lydia talk about Juliet and Tristan, and how Tristan was her father. She spend it around the kingdom. Tristan was stocked to hear and raced to find Freya.

Freya told him it was true, Juliet was his daughter.

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