Freya is the wife of Tristan. The mother of Juliet.

Background: After her mother passed away in child birth she was raised by her father up until the age of 8 when he died from a sickness. Freya became a thief, stealing food.

Nineteen Sixteen year old Freya was caught in the place kitchens, she was brought to King Nathaniel. She was scared that King Nathaniel would kill her but he granted her mercy. He made her a lady-in-waiting to Queen Lydia, the king's wife. Freya and Lydia became good friends, Lydia became a sister figure to Freya.

One day Freya was seen in the garden, she met Tristan there. They talked and got to know each other. Tristan fell in love with Freya, Freya fell in love with Tristan. She started to trust him.

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