Nathaniel and Lydia

They have known each other since they were children. Nathaniel was one and Lydia was just a baby.

Nathaniel has been in love with her since he was seventeen. Lydia fell in love with him when she sixteen.

Lydia went to Aliren with Nathaniel and became the lady of the court.

Lydia was captured by King Ronald and tortured for nearly a year. She escaped and returned to Aliren. Nathaniel blamed himself for what happened.

At age twenty they got married and Lydia became his queen.

A year after their marriage Lydia became pregnant with their first child. But a few months later she had a miscarriage do to a sickness she got.

Lydia had a low chance of have any more children.

Lydia feared that Nathaniel would leave her. She knows that a king needs a heir. Nathaniel told her he loved her and that he wasn't going to leave her.

Nathaniel and Lydia moved on from their child's death.

A few years later Lydia became pregnant with her second child. Months later she had a boy, Prince Jacob.

Lydia told Nathaniel that Prince Jacob looks like his father and knows he will be a great king one day.

Tristan and Lydia

Tristan and Lydia met when Lydia came to Aliren with Nathaniel.

Tristan fell in love with her. He kissed her, thinking that she has feels for him as well.

Lydia told him that she loved Nathaniel. Tristan was heartbroken but was okay with it.

Tristan and Lydia stayed close friends.

Tristan is the god father of Prince Jacob.

Chandler and Sophie

Chandler and Sophie met when Chandler came to Aliren with his father. Quickly Chandler and Sophie grew feels for each other.

They shared a kiss before Chandler left.

They send letters to each other.

Chandler was to marry Lady Penelope.

Sophie went to him. At his wedding to Penelope Sophie crashed the wedding and told Chandler she loved him. Chandler walked away from Penelope and walked up to Sophie, he kissed her in front of everyone. He said he loved her too.

Seeing how much they love each other Chandler and Sophie were allow be together.

They were soon married.

Together they have three children. William (Billy), Alexandra and Ashley.

Tristan and Freya

Tristan and Freya first met when he was twenty and she was nineteen.

As a child Freya was stealing food. She was made a lady-in-waiting to Queen Lydia.

Tristan and Freya slowly started to get close. Tristan fell in love with her and she too him.

Tristan and Freya had a sex together for the first time.

Tristan's father set up a match with a noble women. Tristan was forced to marry her.

Freya was heartbroken when Tristan went back home.

Freya was pregnant with Tristan's child.

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